Presented by OLG

Duo Lijbaart Brederode

Fri, Jun 28, 2024
Fourth Stage
National Arts Centre

Joost Lijbaart - drums
Wolfert Brederode - piano

Wolfert Brederode and Joost Lijbaart are a renowned musical duo in the European jazz scene, known for their innovative, and emotive performances. Brederode is a Dutch jazz pianist with a distinctive style that blends elements of classical music with contemporary jazz improvisation. Lijbaart, also from the Netherlands, is a highly skilled drummer and percussionist who brings a dynamic energy to their collaborations. With his large set up he participates rhymically and melodically in their improvisations.

Together, Brederode and Lijbaart have formed a musical partnership for 25 years that explores a wide range of emotions and textures. Their performances often feature intricate interplay between piano and drums, showcasing their deep musical connection and improvisational prowess.

The duo's music is characterized by its atmospheric quality, drawing listeners into rich sonic landscapes that evoke a sense of introspection and contemplation. They have released several albums together, receiving critical acclaim for their original compositions and innovative interpretations. Together they performed all over the world at major venues and festivals.

Overall, Brederode and Lijbaart's musical partnership exemplifies the creative possibilities of collaboration in jazz, blending tradition with innovation to create captivating and soul-stirring music between piano and drums.

Few drummers equal Lijbaart’s awareness of sound.... it forces you to listen carefully (Volkskrant, The Netherlands)

Just warm, poetic and exciting originals .... together they form a manoeuvrable, fast tandem for beautiful music (Parool, The Netherlands)

The way Lijbaart transforms his drums into an lengthening-piece of the piano is admirable, to say the least ..... a captivating CD (Trouw, The Netherlands)

This music triggers another way of listening (Jazz, The Netherlands)

Sometimes, very rarely, one hears a recording that takes your breath away. ‘One’ is such a recording .... here we definitely have something new (Brabants Dagblad, The Netherlands)

With this album two Dutch stylists establish their status in the jazz scene (Jazzism, The Netherlands)

An extraordinary album of two gifted musicians (Jazzflits, The Netherlands)

This is music that takes your breath away. And to, breathlessly, disappear into (from the liner notes by P.F. Thomése)