Presented by OLG

Hand to Earth

Sat, Jun 22, 2024
Fourth Stage
National Arts Centre

Presented in collaboration with Jazztopad Festival (National Forum of Music), Wroclaw, Poland

The Crow was co-commissioned by Melbourne Int Jazz Festival and Jazztopad Festival.

Daniel Wilfred - voice and bilma
David Wilfred - yidaki (didgeridoo) and voice
Sunny Kim - voice, percussion, and electronics
Aviva Endean - clarinets, harmonic flute, electronics
Peter Knight - trumpet, electronics, percussion
Amalia Umeda - violin

Vocalists Daniel Wilfred and Sunny Kim form the heart of Hand to Earth, which has quickly developed an international reputation as one of Australia’s most distinctive contemporary music ensembles. The quintet’s self-titled debut album has won international praise and was nominated for an ARIA award in 2022 with international performances including at the iconic Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin.

Daniel sings in language, and is the keeper of Yolngu Manikay (songs) from North East Arnhem Land that can be traced back for over 40,000 years. His is the oldest continuously practiced music tradition in the world. Sunny sings in English and Korean intoning gestures that invoke raw elemental forces. Together they sing of the stars, of fire, and of the cooling rain against the drone of David Wilfred’s didgeridoo and atmospheres created by trumpeter and sound artist, Peter Knight, and clarinetist Aviva Endean who draw on the minimalism of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell to create a bed for these beautifully contrasting voices.

“While many contemporary projects strive to combine ancient and modern influences, this innovative and ethereal musical alliance actually achieves that lofty goal – with old cultural ground being respected, while new artistic ground is broken. Hand to Earth is a truly exquisite album."